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Create your own personalized chatbot for customer support. Harness the power of Chat-GPT technology in your business.

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Choose Your Character

Our platform offers a variety of chatbot characters to enhance user engagement, making conversations more personal. Easily select a design that suits your style, ensuring your chatbot stands out.

For a unique touch, upload your own character or image, aligning your chatbot with your brand identity. This option offers flexibility, allowing for a perfectly customized interaction experience for your audience.

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Customize Your Chat’s Look & Feel

Customize your chatbot to reflect your unique brand identity with our easy-to-use customization features. Adjust colors, fonts, font families, and character sizes to create a chat experience that aligns with your style.

Our platform extends these customization capabilities, allowing you to not only modify basic aesthetic elements but also scale characters and more.

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Manage Conversations

Oversee chatbot interactions with ease using our conversational inbox. Here, you can analyze responses, streamline FAQs, and enhance your bot’s learning. It’s your control center for improving your chatbot.

It functions similarly to a mailbox, designed specifically for improving your chatbot's effectiveness and user engagement.


Train your bot effectively using FAQs, plain text, or PDF documents.

AI Model

Seamlessly switch between OpenAI models to find the perfect fit for your chatbot.


Preview and interact with your chatbot to test its responses and behavior.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate the bot into your website with our embed code.


Analyze your AI bot usage and responses.

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